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Gamer maximizes productivity by turning their toilet into a PC

A gamer has turned their fully functional toilet into a fully functional computer. Posted on Micro Center’s website (a website for computer products,) the build features pictures of the functional computer being water-cooled by toilet water, with the favorite feature being “it flushes poop.”

If you’ve ever wished you could relieve yourself while sniping in Apex Legends, but like, in a normal way, gamer Nicholas Z has you covered. Posting a build on Micro Center’s website, the working toilet/computer hybrid will help users game and poop at the same time — but it requires no small amount of plumbing knowledge.

The build features an Intel Core i7 Alder Lake processor, an RTX 3060, and 64 GB of RAM, making this a pretty powerful rig. In the pictures, Nicholas states that users can enjoy “pooping at 240 Hz”, and showcases the interior cooling capabilities.

“Steam Deck? I spit on the Steam Deck… I’m never getting a Steam Deck, ”he states in a video on his channel of him, Basically Homeless. “What about Nintendo Switch? I’ve been trying to learn the Luigi zero-to-death [combo in Smash Bros.] for like two years and it’s getting boring.”

“I want to do sweaty, try-hard FPS gaming from my toilet.” To accomplish this, Micro Center decided to sponsor the effort, supplying no shortage of high-end PC parts to make it happen.

To begin with, Nicholas needed to cut into a porcelain tank and replace a section of the front with glass epoxy to the porcelain — stating that “if you can’t see the PC parts it might as well not even be there.” He then separated the tank into halves — one half for flushing, and the other half for the PC parts. Tons of epoxy was used to seal everything, and for good reason: a single leak would burn out his prized throne from him.

After reassembling the toilet, discovering a leak, and layering a lot of flex-seal to hit any potential leak spots, the build was complete. You too can have a toilet computer, assuming you have around $3,000 AUD and a working knowledge of both plumbing and computer assembly.

Original reporting by Eurogamer.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.


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