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Five Titles Including Spider-Man Remastered and Madden 23 That Will Light August 2022 Up

The video game industry has seen a sharp incline in the past few years, thanks to the franchises who have gifted us some marvels. We have come across some mind-blowing titles that have registered a special place in our hearts. Titles such as the Call Of Duty series, Marvel’s Spiderman, Halo, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Elden Ring, Pokemon, Mario, and many more are the few that belong to this category.


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One cannot define the number of titles that have become successful, as every person is entitled to their own opinion. So, with the world moving to the eighth month of 2022, there are a bunch of games dropping to the console stores, as their developers have set out an official release date.


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Top games to look out for in August 2022

Spiderman Remastered

The Insomniac-owned title has been in the hype as the franchise announced a PC version of the game. They have partnered with Nixxes Software to create a compatible version for their computer audience. Spiderman remastered will drop on August 12, 2022, for an introductory $60 price. It will feature the iconic Peter Parker on his heroic journey to defend New York from crime.

Cult of The Lamb

Apart from Spiderman, users can also watch out for this indie-developed game, as it has a nerve-ending storyline set for fans. Massive Monster is the mastermind behind this title and has partnered with Developer Digital for publication. The game will drop a day before Spiderman on various platforms. Its developers have set a $24-$30 price range with an August 11 release date.


With a catchy title, Thymesia will be dropping in the second half of the month, August 18, 2022. Initially, the game was to be released in May, but because of certain circumstances, the developers shifted it to August. The game is a “grueling action RPG with fast-paced combat and an intricate plague weapon system.” So, if you’re looking for a unique title, this one’s for you.

Madden NFL 23

Just like Spider-Man remastered, fans will also get access to another big hit, Madden NFL 23. The EA-owned game will drop in the latter half of August, as the franchise has announced an August 15 release date. Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys will star as the icon for this edition, as the franchise has declared the same. As of now, Madden NFL 23 is available on various platforms with an introductory price of $59.99.


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If you are in search of another battle royale game, you should definitely look out for this one. Iron Galaxy is the mastermind behind this upcoming title, as they have partnered with Epic Games to add another free-to-play title to their shop. Rumbleverse will release in the second week of August as the developers have decided the release date as that of Cult of the Lamb. The game will drop on various platforms such as Windows, PS4, PS5, and Xbox.


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What are your thoughts about this? Are you looking forward to these games or are you waiting for other titles to drop later? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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