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Final Fantasy 14’s island sanctuary inches closer with new screenshots

Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.2 will arrive in late August, and will bring with it the new Island Sanctuary. These are private homes where players can farm, build, and invite pals around to hang. Square Enix have shared a few new screenshots today showing the tropical paradise you’ll be building your homestead upon.

One of the Island Sanctuary screenshots is above, and here’s the other, which shows a beach and turquoise waters:

A beach on the edge of turquoise waters in Final Fantasy 14's Island Sanctuary update coming in 6.2.

Can I go digging for shells?

There’s not a huge amount known about the Island Sanctuary at this stage. It was described as “relaxing solo content” in a Letter From The Producer livestream last month, for which you’ll need no prior character experience in crafting. You’ll be able to gather, build, care for creatures and craft. If folks can’t build chocobo farms, I’ll be very disappointed.

While the Island Sanctuary feels like the most exciting new addition, it’s not the only thing coming in patch 6.2, which is called Buried Memory. If you head over to the update microsite, you’ll find details and screenshots of the main storyline updates, the new instanced dungeon and more.

If it’s still not enough to whet your appetite, then you’ll need to wait for the next Letter From The Producer stream which is due on August 12th.

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