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Ferrari 296 GT3 Race Car Revealed

This jumping virtual barriers to immerse ourselves in track news is something we do not usually do, but after so many years of being a regular on the tracks is a bit normal that we delight us with the photos and data of what will be the new piece of Ferrari competition GT’s level.

This new ferrari gt3 is designed to replace the chassis of the 488 that we all know and love. This new car will be available in January, and we will see it in many competitions, as well as presumably in simulators, once the licenses and scans are completed.

Here is a brief summary of Ferrari’s note:

Born to win, built to dazzle. Introducing the new Ferrari 296 GT3, our future in Gran Turismo competitions, which allow for the closest customer relationships and the greatest transfer of technology and innovative solutions to production cars.

We have designed the 296 GT3 around the needs of teams, professional drivers and gentleman drivers, on whom we have always focused. We have meticulously studied every detail, observing the dictates of the new GT3 regulations, to pick up the winning baton from the 488 GT3, but with the aim of writing new chapters in Ferrari’s motorsport history.

We have designed the 296 GT3 around the 120° 6V engine with the turbochargers housed in the “Vee”, lowering and bringing it forward, to achieve better balance and a lower center of gravity.

Around the “little 12-cylinder”, the chassis and the distribution of the elements have been optimized to make pit operations extremely fast, while the bodywork took on a sinuous shape that develops around the volumes of the 296 GTB, but redefines them according to the demands of the track and performance.

More information on its page.

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