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Fake engagement rings the new trend for brides

As weddings make a comeback post-Covid and cost-of-living pressures bite, couples are getting savvy about that all-important thing – the engagement ring.

Before the pandemic, many women set their sights on the idea of ​​the perfect ring, typically a big rock with an expensive price tag.

However, as couples look to break social norms and rein in spending, they are seeking an alternative.

Fake rings are making a comeback not just for fashion purposes but also to symbolize the promise of marriage as more people propose with them.

Jewelery company Sterling Forever posted a reel to Instagram explaining why more men and women are now proposing with fake rings.

The video outlined how more couples were jumping on the trend to avoid mistakes such as sizing issues and the receiver not liking the ring, as returning or exchanging it can be costly and difficult.

The reel concluded with the idea that once engaged, couples could go out and buy the perfect ring together.

While it may seem controversial, particularly for some unsatisfied receivers who were proposed to with a fake engagement ring, there’s plenty of support for the practice.

“I think this (idea) is so much better but honestly the fake ring could be like a ring pop or even a paper ring with a love note hidden in it, much cheaper and super cute,” one commenter said in response to the post .

Another replied: “I’d rather have a ‘fake’ and then we can save the money for something more important,”

And a third responded: “Why buy me an expensive engagement ring and an expensive wedding ring? Y’all see them (petrol) prices and the price for bread, just give me one ring.”

Other viewers of the video came up with their own suggestions as to why women may prefer fake rings over the real deal, including for practicality, for not losing an expensive ring and to avoid feeling guilty after a proposal “accident”.

“I feel like people also do it in case they lose it at the proposal sites, lots of them being at beaches or hiking spots,” one Instagram user suggested.

While the trend may be more popular now, some commenters said their parents used a similar approach in the past for personal reasons.

“My dad got my mom a garnet ring. It’s her favorite de ella and her birthstone de ella, with ‘will you marry me’ and the date engraved. They went shopping for her ring de ella together and I think it’s pretty. I always wanted to inherit it,” one young woman commented.

“My dad proposed to my mum with a minnie mouse ring so she wouldn’t feel pressured and I think it’s the cutest thing,” said another.

But not everyone saw the convenient nature of the fake ring trend, with some saying it goes against the purpose of an engagement ring as a symbol of everlasting commitment.

“If she doesn’t like the ring, she isn’t the one,” one commenter said.

“That’s stupid, a real man should know what his wife likes and what kind of jewelery she wears,” posted another.

“There’s no such thing as a fake engagement ring, there is only a fake stone,” a third said.

But a fake engagement ring isn’t necessarily a sign of lesser commitment, as some proposers purchase a ‘promise ring’ or cheaper alternative, with the goal of buying a better one that meets their partner’s wishes later on. Other fake rings are homemade.

No matter the ring choice, couples who have already jumped on the buying a ring together trend said the experience is one they highly recommend.

“Choosing the engagement ring together is a whole amazing experience and shows a very high level of commitment, that’s what me and my fiance did,” one commenter said.

Another said: “My fiance and I shopped for my ring together and it was the best thing ever. We fell in love with (the) ring together.”


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