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Extra safety signs needed at Grampians lookout where woman fell to her death, coroner finds

Extra warning signs should be installed at a popular lookout and selfie spot in Victoria’s Grampians National Park where a woman fell to her death, a coroner has found.

Rosy Loomba, 38, was taking a photo at the Boroka Lookout — nicknamed “selfie rock” — when she fell to her death on December 12, 2020.

Ms Loomba had traveled with her family from Craigieburn in Melbourne’s north to the park for a picnic.

Deputy State Coroner Jacqui Hawkins found Ms Loomba and her husband had been taking photos after climbing an “easily scaled” fence surrounding the lookout.

Ms Loomba turned to walk back when she lost her balance and fell over.

“Mr Loomba jumped down to her and tried to pull her back up but was unable to reach her hand,” the coroner said in findings handed down on Monday.

“He held onto her legs and her clothing but was unable to grasp her. Mrs Loomba fell over the edge.”

About 30 people were at the lookout and there was a small queue of people waiting to have their photo taken at the time.

Victoria Police later investigated the incident and found it was a “tragic accident,” Ms Hawkins said.

The coroner accepted the opinion of a forensic pathologist who found the cause of death was multiple injuries sustained in a fall from a height.

Mountains and forest is seen from a high lookout.
Boroka Lookout is one of the most popular spots in the Grampians.(Supplied: Visit Grampians)

The coronial inquest found there was noticeable damage to the fence surrounding the lookout, likely caused by people standing on the wires to scale the fence.

“Parks Victoria provided a copy of the asset review for the Boroka Lookout area as of 23 June 2020, which did not identify the loose wires in the wire fencing,” Ms Hawkins found.

“I consider this to be a minor structural issue of the fencing in this area and am not of the view that it contributed to Mrs Loomba climbing over the fence or her subsequent fall.”

The coroner noted Parks Victoria had already added additional safety signage earlier this year in response to a death at that same lookout in 1999.

“Despite this earlier recommendation, I am of the view that extra signage could be added to this area to prevent such deaths occurring in the future,” she wrote in her findings.

“I note that adventurers and park attendees may continue to climb fences to access lookouts in order to get a photo or for their own curiosity.

“Mrs Loomba’s death is a reminder of the dangers associated with ignoring signage and fencing which is put in place to keep people safe.”


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