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Eve Aqua adds Thread support for HomeKit sprinklers

Right on the heels of adding Thread to the Eve Motion sensor, Eve is back again with another upgrade to one of its existing products. The new Eve Aqua is now available and is the perfect way to convert a traditional outdoor faucet into one that supports HomeKit for automatically watering your grass, plants, and more.

If you’re building a new home today and looking for a sprinkler system, it’s best to get one that works with HomeKit out of the box. If you’re not looking to dig up your yard or want to retrofit an existing sprinkler system or outdoor hose setup, the new Eve Aqua is the perfect device for you. Once installed, the Eve Aqua smart water controller activates your irrigation system via your iPhone, Siri, or the built-in button and shuts off automatically after a preset period to avoid any surprises on your water bill.

The new Eve Aqua builds on its previous model by using a new design both internally and externally that add to form and function. The Eve Aqua has a space gray body and matte black front. It replaces previous internal system with a brass faucet connector and magnetic valve to improve durability, enjoy better leak protection, and has a near-silent operation compared to the previous model.

Eve Aqua

“Eve Aqua looks gorgeous and makes smart gardening easy, safe and joyful,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems. “Thread eliminates the need for a digital bridge, while the brass faucet adapter ensures a rock-solid physical connection. And of course, our beautiful Eve app brings it all together, making scheduling, and monitoring consumption, a breeze.”

The new Eve Aqua is compatible with all traditional hose systems and multi-channel water distributors such as Gardena. Additionally, it offers seven watering periods out of the box. Using either a custom schedule or turning it on manually if you’re concerned about your plants or grass during a heatwave, you’ll have complete control of your watering through the Home app or the Eve iPhone app.

While the new body style looks fantastic for overall durability, the essential upgrade on the software side of Eve Aqua is with Thread. Thread technology is specifically developed for smart home applications to improve connectivity between products. You’ll create a mesh network as you build out your Thread network (HomePod Mini, other devices, etc.). Within this mesh network, lights, thermostats, outlets, sensors, and more can also talk to each other without the constraint of going through a central hub, such as a bridge or a router. That’s because a Thread network doesn’t need one. If a single device fails, the data packets are simply relayed to the next in the mesh.

Eve Aqua Specs

  • Hose Thread: 3⁄4in.
  • Temperature Operating Range: 4C–50C/39F–122F
  • Pressure: Min1bar/14.5psi–Max5bar/72.5psi
  • IPX4 Water Resistance
  • UV Protection
  • Powered by 2x Replaceable AA Batteries
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread
  • Physical Dimensions: 77x95x128mm/3.03×3.74×5.04 in.

I’ll have a full review soon, but you can buy the new Eve Aqua today from Amazon or the Eve Store.

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