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Elon Musk says he would fight Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin

Elon Musk has thrown the gauntlet down at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin to physical blows earlier this year.

speaking to the full-send podcast, Musk said in the hypothetical scenario posed to him that he “wouldn’t say no” if the North Korean leader wanted to fight him.

In March, Musk went viral for a tweet in which he challenged the Russian President to fight.

“I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat,” he wrote.

“Stakes are Ukraine.”

When asked who Musk’s biggest “enemy” was at the moment, the billionaire mentioned his challenge to the Kremlin.

“I am not sure if they are going to send him, but I did challenge him on Twitter,” he said.

So how exactly would Elon Musk battle against the Russian leader known for his military martial arts background?

Easy. Musk says it’s a little known technique called “the walrus”.

“Listen, (the fight will) be a pay-per-view,” the Tesla and SpaceX CEO envisioned.

“It’ll be an interesting question because (Putin’s) good at martial arts and he’s pretty buff. You’ve seen those pictures of him on a horse.

“He has won like Judo championships… so he is pretty good, but I think I am 30 per cent bigger than him.”

Musk said his “weight advantage” would help him overthrow Putin with his ultimate MMA move.

“I’m going to use a move called ‘the walrus’, where I just lie on you. You can’t get away.”

While Musk is known for making controversial commentary that even he worries “could really backfire” on him, the billionaire has focused part of his Starlink efforts to aid Ukrainians.

As Ukraine enters its fifth month during the Russian invasion, Musk has deployed thousands of Starlink satellites to aid the Ukrainian defensive effort.

Musk activated the broadband service in Ukraine, after a Kyiv official urged the tech titan to provide his embattled country with stations.

“Starlink service is now active in Ukraine,” Musk tweeted, adding “more terminals [are] enroute.”

The Satellites have been a vital resource allowing Ukrainians to maintain access to the internet with encrypted data as Russia seeks to target Ukrainian power grids in attempts to disrupt information sharing.

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