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Diablo Immortal player spends $140,000, can’t match with others

A Diablo Immortal player dropped a heavy amount of money into the game — over $140,000 AUD — and is unable to match up with other players. The reason, the player claims, is that their power level is “so high” that they “literally can’t get a battleground.”

Youtuber “jtisallbusiness” posted a video debating refunding their expenses on Diablo Immortal, which they claim to be over $140,000 AUD. In the video, they said “I can’t do things that I spent money on this character to do, and I have no time frame of when things are going to actually be fixed, or even know if things are going to be fixed because I am the only player in the entire world with this problem.”

Diablo Immortal uses a matchmaking system that bases itself on your character’s power level. Players can spend real money on loot boxes in the game for a chance to win legendary items to increase that power level far beyond what they would obtain by playing the game for free — and spending over $140,000 on a character will bring it beyond what other players can attain.

Jtisallbusiness mentioned that they had requested help from Blizzard via their official forums and through Twitter, but the response they got was lacklustre. The developer stated that it was “aware of the issue,” but nothing has been done since. Thoroughly upset, jtisallbusiness mentioned in their video that they were considering bringing in attorneys to help iron out the business.

Previously, Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra defended the microtransaction systems in Diablo Immortal, stating that the “vast majority” of players don’t spend any money on the game. “The philosophy was always to lead with great gameplay and make sure that hundreds of millions of people can go through the whole campaign without any costs.”

The expenses needed to “max out” your character haven’t stopped players from spending big on Diablo Immortal. It reached $140 million in revenue in the two months since its release. In other Diablo news, fans of Diablo can secure access to Diablo IV — if they get a tattoo. World famous tattoo artists will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne this September if you’re looking to demonify your skin.

Original reporting by Eurogamer.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.


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