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David King and Gerard Whateley’s top 4 seeds after Round 20, 2022

David King and Gerard Whateley have named their top four seeds after Round 20 of the 2022 AFL season.

King and Whateley have ranked the four teams they have the most confidence in, coupled with what they have shown so far.

The seedings will be updated on a weekly basis on SEN’s Whateley throughout the year.

See their seeds below:



“They’ve got a completely even spread across their team at the moment.

“It’s a great profile. But they were still waiting for one player to say, ‘Hey, I’m back’ and if you absolutely need me to go into beast mode for 10 minutes in a final, I’m showing you I’m still here.

“Paddy Dangerfield had 26 disposals and it wasn’t the disposal count, it was the way they counted. They have an edge to them, a level of brutality that most players can’t bring.

“It’s the biggest result out of the weekend for me, was Dangerfield doing what he did to show that he’s still got it.”


“There’s a lot to like about what they’re doing with their small men department – ​​Papley, Gulden, Warner, Parker.

“They’re dangerous. Their backline’s really solid.

“I would not want to play Sydney in Sydney if it fell that way through a finals series.

“If they were able to win in the first week of the finals, whether they’re on the road or at home, and play a home Prelim … look out.”


“They were four for me last week, they came up one, got the job done.”

4. Collingwood

“My three and four are Melbourne and Collingwood.

“Huge Friday night (game). Can’t wait to see it.”



“I can’t remember a more brutal Geelong performance than that.

“The sheer physicality and (Jonathon) Ceglar gave them something really interesting.”


“I like Melbourne at two.

“That was the performance I’ve been waiting for.”

3. Collingwood

“Sheer respect for 10 in a row which is so rare.”


“Completely aware of the threat that’s looming there.

“They’re into the top four which we forecast weeks ago. They’re there.”


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