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CT man arrested for driving over 160 mph on New Hampshire highway

ASHLAND, NH (WTNH) – New Hampshire troopers arrested a Danbury man on Sunday after he drove over 160 miles per hour (mph) on a highway. The highway’s speed limit was only 70 mph.

Authorities said that just after 11 am, troopers patrolling I-93 North in Ashland spotted an orange car driving at nearly 161 mph. Due to incredibly high speeds, the patrol officer who spotted the car was unable to pursue it. Instead, officials said the officer placed a Be On the Lookout Order (BOLO).

Minutes later, troopers received multiple reports about sports cars driving erratically and at high speeds, with some reports including an orange sports car. According to these testimonies, the speed nearly caused a few crashes.

The Woodstock Police Department said it heard the BOLO report, and positioned officers on the highway to intercept the orange sports car. They eventually clocked the car going 130 mph.

Officers were able to stop the orange 2021 Chevrolet Corvette at exit 32, when it became stuck in traffic. They held the driver, Alejandro Zapata-Rebello, 30, of Danbury until state troopers could arrive.

Zapata-Rebello was charged with two charges of reckless driving, and one charge of disobeying an officer. Woodstock police said they also charged him with reckless driving.

Officials said Zapata-Rebello was released on a summons to appear in court on September 22.


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