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CS:GO matchmaking ranks recalibrated in latest patch

Valve has finally zeroed in on CS:GO’s matchmaking system and made some much-needed changes.

In the latest patch, which hit the live servers last night, the developers pushed out a competitive skills group “recalibration.”

When the devs usually make changes to the matchmaking system, they don’t tend to include them in the official patch notes. But this change warranted an explanation because the update “affects all CS:GO players,” according to Valve.

In short, the ranking of every player has now been hidden. To make the rank reappear, players will have to secure at least one win in matchmaking to be assigned to a skill group. Following the recalibration, these groups (or ranks) may differ from before. “Most of you will notice a change to your Skill Group, but some of you may find that you were already in the right place,” Valve explained.

Although it remains to be seen what exactly Valve has changed here, the community seems to be pleased with the update. Players have been asking Valve to fix the matchmaking system for a long time, complaining about being frequently matched up with players of a higher or lower rank.

Along with the matchmaking update, the developers have also released a list of patch notes. You can find them here.

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