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Cruise, McQuarrie Musical Plan, More Les Grossman

Cruise Mcquarrie Musical Plan More Les Grosman
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Though actor Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie are still very much in the middle of shooting “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two,” we heard the other week the pair are already planning another action film with potential franchise.

Today, Deadline reports that the duo have added another at least one or two more projects to the list of potential film projects they could jump to post-M:I-8. One is reportedly an original song and dance-style musical crafted specifically as a star vehicle for Cruise.

Theother? The return of Cruise’s “Tropic Thunder” dance-happy studio executive character Les Grossman. In regards to that, it’s not clear if it’ll be a film centered around Grossman, or if the character will be incorporated into one of the other two projects.

Whatever the case, the scripts for all these projects will be written by McQuarrie in collaboration with Cruise. Cruise also still has his shot in outer space film on the way which has Doug Liman directing and McQuarrie producing.

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