Cost of redeveloping Gabba for 2032 Olympics could top $1bn – Michmutters

Cost of redeveloping Gabba for 2032 Olympics could top $1bn

The Queensland premier has flagged the cost of redeveloping the Gabba for the 2032 Games could increase beyond the proposed $1 billion price tag.

It comes after Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was comfortable with plans for both the Gabba and Brisbane Live after concerns were raised last week additional construction was needed to allow the venues to be built for the 2032 Olympics.

Speaking at a media conference yesterday Ms Palaszczuk said there would be a business case for the Gabba redevelopment, with the government “working through all those issues at the moment”.

When asked how the government had determined the redevelopment would cost $1 billion, Ms Palaszczuk said it was based on cost estimates at the time.

“Of course now we understand that there’s been a lot of increase in … shortages of supply and materials, they’re worldwide issues,” she said.

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Should the Gabba be demolished and rebuilt for the Olympics?

When the premier was asked if she anticipated the redevelopment would cost more than $1 billion, she said they do not have the final costs yet.

“But of course we’ll absolutely reveal those to the public,” she said.

Speculation about the size of the Gabba redevelopment has increased in recent weeks with concerns the planned upgrades will impact the local road network including Vulture and Stanley Streets, key thoroughfares through Woolloongabba.

Last week, it was reported a proposal to tunnel under the streets had been put forward but that would significantly increase the $1 billion cost of the Gabba redevelopment.

Meanwhile, the question of East Brisbane State School’s future remains unanswered. The heritage school tucked under the shadow of the Gabba stadium will have to be relocated to make way for the stadium expansion.


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