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Constance Hall debuts new cropped haircut

Mummy blogger and fashion designer Constance Hall has debuted a new look that has left her feeling more “feminine” than ever.

Hall, who is based in Western Australia, has sported her iconic long black locks for many years but recently decided on the spur of the moment it was time for them to go.

Taking to Facebook, she announced her decision before she debuted her new look, revealing her husband and children were against the decision.

“However I am superstitious and I believe that a woman who changes her hair changes her life,” she wrote.

“I’m also the divine feminine and long hair is about as essential to the divine feminine as perky t*ts.

“I have come to accept that I will always regret cutting my hair off but always feel compelled to do it as the years pass and my desire to let go of old energy increases, the hair gets lopped off, the relief comes and sooner or later the regret kicks in with the long road of hair growth ahead and around and around we go.”

Fans nervously waited before Hall showed a photo of her new jawline-length haircut, revealing she felt sexy and fresh again.

Hall’s followers were quick to compliment her on the new look.

One person said: “I have to say when you announced your hair cut yesterday I was a bit invested in how I thought you should look. But wow! The most amazing part of your new style is your smile. Fricken awesome.”

Another said: “Hair weighs you down mentally and emotionally sometimes – it’s good to feel light again.”

A third added: “WOW, your hair looks great on you, you must feel so free, I wish I had the spirit to do this.”

The day after debuting her new look, Hall shared she hadn’t had numbers on her photos like the reveal in a long time.

She added the comments were a far cry from people telling her she “was her hair” and she felt extremely “feminine”.

She also took advantage of the high traffic on her post to encourage people to have a conversation about organ donation.

“Unless someone you love has waited for that life saving call or you have heard someone talk about what they would do with the miracle of life if it happened or you have seen the look on a mother’s face whose last chance for her son has just ran out of time, you probably haven’t ever really considered what lives your organs could go on to save long once you are no longer here,” she said.

“I’m not trying to convince anyone to donate their organs if it goes against their wishes, I’m trying to minimize the amount of wasted organs, buried with a body who could have and would have saved another life if only someone knew their wishes.”


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