Commonwealth Games 2022 live: Mollie O’Callaghan stuns Emma McKeon in huge upset – Michmutters

Commonwealth Games 2022 live: Mollie O’Callaghan stuns Emma McKeon in huge upset

Kyle Chalmers admits he can’t say for sure that he is going to compete at the 2024 Olympics.

It was one of several sad admissions he made following his mighty victory in the men’s 100m freestyle on Tuesday morning.

Chalmers put his finger to his lips in a gesture suggesting he was silencing his critics.

The 24-year-old revealed after the race the celebration was a special one he had thought about doing before even getting to the starting blocks.

“It’s something I’ve envisaged myself doing, probably a bit more of a powerful celebration after a win, but that one was a special one,” he said

“That probably means more than giving it a fist bump or a tensing of the muscles. I hope that sends a powerful message.”

He said he was almost in tears before the race.

When asked if he will make it to Paris, he replied: “I definitely want to. That’s been my dream to win in Paris.

“But if I have to keep going through a similar thing I won’t last until Paris, I know that. It’s too challenging and not something I swim for.

“I know I stand here bravely, but this has really set me back a lot. I really don’t know what’s next for me. Right now I’m on a high of racing, but I’m sure tomorrow when I wake up or at the end of the week when I get my flight home there’ll be plenty of different emotions that go through my head, but if it is the pool I think I’ll go back (to the same training set-up).”

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