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‘Call of Duty’ Season 5 release window, updates, and Verdansk’s possible return

Ace Call of Duty Season 4 comes to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to the next major update. Season 5 will launch soon, and it’s presumably the last major season before Modern Warfare II comes out in October. But when will Season 5 launch, what can you expect from it, and will Verdansk make one last appearance before war zone 2.0 released? Here’s what you need to know about Call of Duty Season 5.

When is the Call of Duty Season 5 release window?

While Activision has yet to confirm the release date for the forthcoming season, the in-game war zone Battle Pass counts down to August 24, 2022, at Noon Eastern. This is when you should expect Season 5 to launch, though it’s possible this will shift by a day or so.

Season 5 will likely go live on or around August 24, 2022.Activision

August 24 is on a Wednesday, which is typically when seasonal updates go live in war zone. Keep in mind, that seasonal updates are often released at Midnight in vanguard, usually, 12 hours before they come to war zone.

Is there a Call of Duty Season 5 trailer?

There isn’t a trailer just yet, but if Activision plans to release one, you should expect it to be available a couple of days before the season begins. For instance, Season 4’s trailer was published on June 20 — just two days ahead of the season’s launch on June 22.

What are the Call of Duty Season 5 updates?

Expect new weapons, balancing changes, and other features during Season 5.Activision

Since Activision hasn’t made any official announcements pertaining to Season 5, it’s unclear what it will include. We’ll likely get a new batch of weapons, balancing changes, in-game events, and hopefully some new gameplay mechanics to keep things fresh.

One thing we’re curious about is how the upcoming season will play out ahead of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0’s launch. Presumably, Season 5 will be the last one before Modern Warfare II comes out on October 28, so it’ll be interesting to see how things tie together.

Will this be the original Warzone’s final season? How will it lead to the start of Modern Warfare II and war zone 2.0? We hope those questions are answered in a few weeks.

What is the war zone Season 5 Verdansk status?

Players want Verdansk back during Season 5.Activision

As we approach Warzone 2.0’s release later in 2022, it’s likely the original war zone is nearing the end of its life cycle. With this in mind, players have expressed interest in seeing Verdansk — the game’s original map — added to war zone one last time before the sequel comes out. The demand for Verdansk’s return was so high that it began trending on Twitter earlier this month.

Caldera, the current map, hasn’t resonated with the community, so it’s easy to see why the demand for Verdansk’s return is so high.

But will this happen? It’s unlikely.

Typically, seasonal content is planned out three to four months in advance, so unless Activision started working on this in May 2022, you shouldn’t expect to see Verdansk make an appearance during war zone Season 5.

However, this doesn’t mean the map is gone for good. It’s highly likely it’ll be featured in some capacity later on — possibly in war zone 2.0 as a limited-time mode.

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