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Automobilista 2’s Racin’ USA Part 3 DLC postponed until end of August

Automobilista 2's Racin' USA pt 3 DLC postponed until end of August

It was Announced on Thursday (11th August 2022) by Reiza Studios that the long-awaited third part to Automobilista 2’s Racin’ USA DLC will be slightly postponed, expecting it to drop by the end of this month.

Originally scheduled for the end of July 2022, both the Racin’ USA Pt3 DLC and the V1.4 update have been pushed back due to some issues that cropped up in development.

This newest and final DLC pack for the Racin’ USA bundle will officially include oval racing to the sim with the addition of two new tracks – Auto Club Speedway and World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway. Also, the Formula USA 2022 is Reiza’s unofficial representation of the NTT IndyCar, and that will also drop in the DLC.

The new Formula USA 2022 that will release in Racin’ USA Part 3 DLC.

With the addition of oval racing, the Racin’ USA Part 1 DLC will now also have the oval configuration for Daytona International Speedway included. Furthermore, all of the open-wheel cars from all of the Racin’ USA DLC packs will have short oval and speedway configurations added alongside the road racing form.

If you remember back more than a year ago, in June 2021 to when the first part of the Racin’ USA DLC dropped, all three of the Racin’ USA DLCs were announced and were available to purchase as an Expansion Pack bundle. Part 2, remember, dropped back in February. Although it will just be a little while longer, AMS2 players who made that purchase will finally get what they paid for when it comes out.

In fact, anyone who has purchased either the 2020-2022 Season Pass, the Premium Expansion Packs or Racin´ USA Expansion Pack bundle, you’ll finally be getting your hands on the awaited product. Anyone who is looking to buy the separate pack, the price point is still up in the air. Parts 1 and 2 are $14.99 each.

Auto Club Speedway (pictured) and WWT Raceway at Gateway will drop in Racin’ USA Part 3 DLC.

In the Steam posting about the DLC and update, it’s also unveiled that full course yellow support is being added to compliment the oval racing being added, along with a visible pace car, marshals that can wave flags, caution lights and even virtual safety cars for road racing. However, the delay for the entirety seems to be because of issues that cropped up in testing.

“The system was still proving somewhat glitchy in Multiplayer during our tests late last month, which ended up being the leading factor in the decision to postpone v1.4 as naturally you can’t successfully bring oval racing to the game without proper full course yellow support,” the post reads. “Luckily, good progress has already been made since, with our more recent tests already going quite smoothly.”

While the delay is unfortunate, the added content will hopefully be worth the wait. Especially the oval racing side, I’m going to have to talk to the community managers about possibly setting up a community event with the new content. Not many sims have proper oval racing besides iRacing, so fingers crossed for a good time when the DLC finally drops later this month.

Images and information found via the AMS2 Steam page

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