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Australian traffic controller makes $3,000 a week on the roads

A young Aussie traffic controller has hit back at trolls who made fun of her job by revealing she can make up to $750 a day working on the roads.

Road worker Chloe Brianna took to TikTok to clap back at trolls who said she was “standing around doing nothing” and told her to “get a real job”.

The young woman responded to the cruel comments by revealing just how much she makes each week as a road worker.

In a now-viral video, Chloe, who works in Victoria, claims she earned an eye-watering $3073.75 in a week as a FIFO worker – which totaled $2280.75 after tax.

“What I make in a wheel, nightshift and living away as a traffic controller” she wrote.

“Monday 13 hours – $672.44 + $76.88 living away allowance. Tuesday 12 hours – $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance.

“Wednesday 12 hours – $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance. Thursday 12 hours – $606.22 + $76.88 living away allowance.

“Friday 5.25 hours – $275.16. Total (before tax) $3073.75, (after tax) $2280.75.”

Chloe’s video rapidly went viral and now sits at over 1 million views.

In a few other follow up videos, she showed that her weekly rate can differ depending on where she works and her hours.

While she might make over $3,000 one week, another week she took home $2,379.

If Chloe makes an average of $2,500 a week, this would still see her bring in $130,000 a year.

She also cleared up that when working away from home, her accommodation if paid for – but she still needs to buy her own groceries, like she would at home.

“Honestly this is one of the best jobs in the world” she wrote on her TikTok page.

“It can be mentally challenging sometimes but tt’s so worth it.

“So much traveling and meeting new people every day. Wouldn’t change it for the world.”

While many applauded her success and inquired as to how they could get into the industry, others attacked Chloe’s career choice.

“Ridiculous how much they get paid to stand with a stop sign, listening to music and scrolling on your phone” one person said.

“Paid for just standing there, what a world.”

“Half a brain, twice the $$$, any mentally challenged person could do this” one troll taunted.

“Way to choose an easy and unskilled job.”

Many in the industry jumped to Chloe’s defense and to test that the job is not as “easy” as some perceive.

“People need to understand it’s not just standing around” one person said.

“We need to be always on our game for anything.”

“It’s actually harder than people think” another said.

“I’m a traffic controller and some of the abuse we get is brutal.”

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