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Apple offers $50 gift card with Apple TV 4K purchases


Faster processor, better picture and all-new remote control

The risk Apple ran when it made its TV+ service compatible with so many third party devices was that people would find less reason to purchase an Apple TV. That seems to be what’s happening as the company offers $50 Apple Gift Cards to anyone who does purchase its box.

Room for improvement?

When most television sets already run 4K natively, the purpose of Apple’s box has changed. The fact that content rich systems (such as Amazon’s or Roku’s hardware) can also provide access to TV+ content also reduces the appeal of these systems, I think.

What’s negative about this is that Apple’s made some big investments in creating a developer friendly environment for its TV box, with Arcade making these systems an alternative to console games. The challenge is that gamers are loyal to their console platforms and like to play the games they enjoy.

What is the deal?

Apple has extended its Apple TV 4K gift card offer outside the US to many other nations, including the UK and Australia. Under the deal, you get a $50 Apple Gift Card rebate (or the equivalent in local currency) on up to two units of Apple TV – buy two, get $100.

The offer is available until mid-August. It may be interesting to note that Disney+ recently added 4K support to Apple TV 4K.

One can’t help but wonder what happens after that?

What’s that coming over the hill?

The Apple TV 4K seems a little long in the tooth at this point. Some of its main reasons for existence have become diluted, and until Apple hits us (as it I think inevitably will) with AR-based and 6K content to beef up the package, the only deal has to be priced. We’ve all heard the speculation of a lower cost Apple TV stick, and it is possible Apple wants to put all its entertainment system eggs inside its AR goggles basket.

We do think a new Apple TV is on the way and this will likely feature an upgraded A14 (M1?) chip and more RAM.

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