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Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon sheds Skull town, adds Relic later this month

Alongside a level cap increase and balance updates.

apex legends will introduce big changes to Kings Canyon as part of a new season coming later this month. The update will also include a level cap increase and various balance changes.

We’ve detailed what to expect below.

“The primary goal with this update was really looking at the map’s health; Kings Canyon is Apex‘s oldest map — it’s been around since launch and it’s been through plenty of changes,” said Jeff Shaw, Lead Level Designer on Apex Legends.

“With that, we really wanted to look at the big picture and really focus down on the map’s major pain points, some balance issues and just tuning across the board.”

The changes mean Kings Canyon will sport a new location… at the cost of an old one.

“Time changes everything, and Kings Canyon is no exception. What was once Skull Town has risen from the ashes as Relic,” EA said in a press release.

“Terraforming has altered popular ambush locations, widening or closing them off entirely, while the Cage has been opened and replaced with a simple platform, all to make the Games here as thrilling as can be. These changes to Kings Canyon represent agoal for all upcoming map updates: add compelling new areas for players to explore and ensure that POIs are adjusted across the board to meet the needs of players.”

The changes will mean that a familiar map becomes less familiar, and might be enough to bring lapsed players back into the fold; just last week on the Friendly Fire Show, Ben was saying how he enjoyed Apex but felt he’d done everything he could within it. Maybe this will change his mind about him?

If a redesigned map isn’t enough, maybe an increased level cap will be — this new season will allow players to elevate themselves past level 500.

“In recognition of the tremendous dedication shown by the playerbase, the new Level Cap increase frees players to reach staggering new heights,” EA advised. “The level 500 ceiling has been shattered, and as the ascent continues, players can collect Legend Tokens and Apex Packs.”

Finally, apex legends will perform some balancing as part of this new update, largely informed by player feedback.

“Players can set their sights on a new weapon upgrade with the introduction of Laser Sights, a new attachment for SMGs and Pistols that gives players fresh options for approaching close-quarters combat, replacing barrels,” EA continued.

“The weapon split and ammo economy have been evened out in order to ensure that every weapon has its place and a clearly defined role, with weapons like the EVA-8 getting a refresh to help them stand out. It’s not just weapons getting some love, there are some exciting updates coming to gold equipment as well.”

The update will of course introduce a new Legend in the form of Vantage, but we’ll have more on her later. Keep your eyes peeled!

apex legends is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Switch. This new season heads to Australia on 10 August.

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