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Apex Legends adds laser sight attachments for SMGs, pistols

If you’ve played Apex Legends for any length of time in the past, you’re probably well aware of how dominant shotguns and SMGs were in the meta. Over time, however, the map began to grow, leading players to start using mid and long-range weapons, such as sniper rifles and assault rifles, leaving many to wonder why anyone would use an SMG if they didn’t have to.

That’s fixing to change with the new season. In Season 14: Hunted, new attachments for SMGs and pistols are on their way. This attachment, a laser sight, will reduce bullet spread when players fire from the hip — which is the intended way to use such short-range weapons. These laser sights will replace the barrel stabilizer in-game for the barrel attachment slot.

For colourblind players or players that like to change things up, you’re able to change the color of the laser pointer in your game settings. A welcome inclusion, as I can’t imagine light red against green grass is easily visible in the heat of battle.

In addition to this change, Kings Canyon has been reworked heavily. New areas, new routes, new points of interest and more were designed to encourage close-range combat and shift away from the sniper and rifle-heavy meta of previous seasons.

The new Season starts off August 10th, featuring plenty of changes alongside a new Legend — Vantage. We’ll have plenty of info about her in future articles.

Be sure to hit up our Apex Legends – Season 14 hub for more on the new Season: Hunted.

Written by Junior Miyai on behalf of GLHF.


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