Alice James details how she met her now-boyfriend after her ‘wingman’ dad set them up at a pub – Michmutters

Alice James details how she met her now-boyfriend after her ‘wingman’ dad set them up at a pub

A young woman has detailed how she met her now-boyfriend the old-fashioned way – after her “wingman” dad spontaneously set them up at a pub.

Alice James, a television publicist from Melbourne, made the decision to quit dating apps in early June after she was fed up with the dating scene.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: How Alice’s dad set her up on a date

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“I just wasn’t having fun, I was feeling like crap, it was taking its toll and I just thought, I’m just going to take the pressure off for a while,” she said in a now-viral TikTok video.

Just three weeks later, the 30-year-old was enjoying a casual night out with her dad at the pub when they spotted an attractive stranger sitting at the bar.

“Fast forward, I was sitting at the local pub with my dad, we were just having a drink, talking s***, as you do with your dad,” Alice recalled.

Alice James met her now-boyfriend after her “wingman” dad set them up. Credit: Alice James

“And he’s like, ‘I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a real hottie sitting at the bar.’

“I’m like, ‘I know dad, I clocked him when I walked in, he’s a total spunk’.

“Dad’s like, ‘Oh, leave it with me’.”

Stepping in as the “ultimate wingman”, the matchmaking dad wandered over to the man.

“They started chatting about footy and all that stuff and then dad’s like, ‘Hey are you single?’ And the dude is like, ‘Yes I am’, and dad’s like, ‘Well… she’s my daughter, she’s single too’, ”she said.

exchanged numbers

“Anyway we all start chatting and then he’s like, ‘I’ve got to go’ and dad’s like, ‘You can’t leave, you haven’t exchanged numbers’.”

Alice said her dad then walked over to the bar to grab a notepad and pen.

“We both exchanged numbers… and then we’ve been talking,” she said.

“Now we have a date.”

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: How dad acted as the ‘ultimate wingman’ for his daughter

Dad acts as ‘ultimate wingman’ for his daughter.

Dad acts as ‘ultimate wingman’ for his daughter.

After their first date, Alice confirmed she had an “awesome” time with the man.

“It was a fantastic date,” she said.

“He is very attractive, he’s super successful, very intellectual and good banter.

“All in all, a good date. I’m just trying to be real chill about it because chill is something that I’m not.

‘Dad did real good’

“But I’m trying to be chill and take it one day as it comes.

She added: “Good work dad… Dad did real good.”

Alice was enjoying a night out with her dad at the pub when he decided to set her up with a stranger. Credit: Alice James

After multiple dates, Alice started gushing about the man on social media.

“He’s so nice,” she said.

“It’s very lovely to spend time with him.”

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW: Alice confirms man at pub is now her boyfriend

Woman confirms the man her dad set her up with is now her boyfriend.

Woman confirms the man her dad set her up with is now her boyfriend.

More than a month later, Alice shared an exciting update, alongside her dad, on social media.

“Hey dad, remember when we went out to a local pub and you were my wingman and you got a guy’s phone number for me?” she asked, as her dad said “yes”.

“Well last night, he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

‘He’s now my boyfriend’

In another video, Alice said her boyfriend did something that left her “too stunned to speak”.

“So I was driving my boyfriend to pick up his car and he was sitting in the passenger seat. He’d bought us blueberries for breakfast and so he started giving me blueberries to eat as I’m driving,” she recalled.

Alice said she and her date hit it off and they are now in a relationship. Credit: Alice James

“Then I look at him and noticed he’s sorting through the blueberries and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ and he was like, ‘I’m just picking out the ones that are juicy and not bruised to give to you and I’m eating the bad ones.

Amazed with his gesture, Alice urged: “Girls, do not settle, there’s good ones out there.”

‘Can your dad wingman me?’

Her original video has been viewed more than 1.3 million times – with many praising her dad as “the best wingman ever”.

“My dad would never, can I borrow yours please?” one joked.

Another said: “Wow! Can your dad please come wingman for me?”

While one added: “If your dad can find you this gem then surely my dad can find me mine.”


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