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Aldi Special Buys: Aldi mums obsess over Crofton defrosting chopping board

Aldi shoppers are obsessing over the discount supermarket’s latest “magic” Special Buys kitchen item, with stock selling out in parts of the country.

Members of the Facebook group Aldi Mums, which has more than 235,000 followers, are flocking to Aldi stores in an attempt to get their hands on a Crofton defrosting chopping board which is on sale for $16.99.

The multipurpose board is not your traditional chopping board, as one side is specifically dedicated to defrosting meat and other frozen items in a matter of hours.

There’s also a garlic or ginger grinder on the top of the board as well as a built-in knife sharpener.

The product description says that the board’s aluminum plate “assists in quickly and evenly defrosting frozen foods” while its drip line “catches moisture and reduces mess as food thaws”.

From defrosting lamb cutlets to thawing a kilo of mince, Aldi mums are raving about the product online which could be why some Sydney and Brisbane stores have sold out of the Special Buys item.

One Aldi mum used the board to defrost an entire turkey while it was still in the fridge.

“I had a bit of a panic after the fresh whole turkey I ordered for Saturday’s Xmas (sic) in July was delivered frozen with the advice of allowing a minimum of two full days to defrost fully before cooking,” she wrote to the group.

“Cue minor panic and the defrost board – result – a whole 6kg turkey defrosted in one afternoon, approx. five hours – turned each hour – this is a game changer!!”

The multipurpose board isn’t just used to defrost meat, with some finding it thaws other frozen food in a matter of minutes.

“I got one the other day and used it last night to defrost a few slices of bread. It took at least five mins (sic),” one member of the group commented.

“Got one for myself and mum today after a post on here a few days ago… the FOMO (fear of missing out) was real!!!” said another.

“It’s magic,” a third wrote.

But not all are convinced, with some skeptical about the board’s ability to defrost meat without batteries or a power source.

“Can you tell me how that’s better (or how it works) than just putting it on an ordinary rack or on the bench. Genuine question,” one group member asked.

“Is there something in the board that makes defrosting meat somewhat quicker than leaving it on the kitchen sink to defrost for a few hours?” questioned another.

For those wanting to know the secret behind how the product works, aluminum is a great conductor of ambient heat which is what gives the board the ability to thaw meats safely and efficiently without power.

Aldi’s defrosting chopping board may be trending among Aldi fans, but defrosting boards have been around for some time.

There’s also a range of brands available online for those who may have missed the boat on the Special Buys product.

As for those trying to find alternative thrifty ways to defrost meat, these members from the Aldi Mums Facebook group had the following recommendations.

“I use a metal baking tray, without non-stick coating, and it defrosts meat quickly,” an Adelaide mum said.

“I use a high standing cake rack. Perfect!” another said.

“I’ve always defrosted my meat on the edge of my stainless steel sink. Works to treat every time! I learned it from my grandma!” said a third member.

The 25cm by 36cm defrosting chopping board is still available in some Aldi stores and will be out on shelves while stocks last.


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