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AAWireless Review – Use Android Auto Wirelessly

More and more current vehicle models offer the option of using Android Auto via the vehicle’s touch display. Unfortunately, it is still the case that you will need to connect the smartphone to the car via a USB cable in order to use it. Only very new cars provide this functionality wirelessly. But of course there are also users who still want to use this function wirelessly.

There are currently many manufacturers who want to offer this function with smaller devices. But so far only one company has stood with a mature solution. With AA Wireless you get a small device to connect to the car. You can use Android Auto functions wirelessly right away. The smartphone can now live in your pocket and connect via Bluetooth and WLAN to small adapters.

range of distribution

The scope of delivery of a wireless set is quickly explained, as it consists of only two parts. The adapter itself on one side and a short USB cable on the other. The cable is used to connect the adapter to the vehicle. The set does not offer any other parts and they are not required to use an adapter.

technical specifications

color: schwarz
Dimensions: 49mm x 49mm x 12mm
relationships: 1x USB-C
links: Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz / 5GHz ac/n
processor: Quad-core 1.3GHz
power consumption: 90mA to 330mA

die installation

Installation is incredibly easy. The first step is to download the AAWireless Companion app from Google Play Store for free. With this app you can do various settings and also run the new firmware on the adapter. Then simply connect the short USB-C cable from the delivery scope to the connection on the adapter and to the USB port in the vehicle. Now it takes a few seconds for the adapter to connect to the car and smartphone.

As soon as the connection is established, you can use the Android interface as you are used to. Except that the annoying wires between the smartphone and the car are no longer needed.


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There is no such thing as the classic operation of a wireless adapter. Because apart from the reset button, there is no other button on the adapter that you can press. If you can talk about an operation, it can be done through the Companion app.

Where service is the wrong word here. Because this app is used only for settings or to update firmware. In other words, settings that you make once and are not required for active use. After all, the adapter only ensures a wireless connection between the vehicle and the smartphone. The Android Auto interface then operates in a classic way on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

The following settings can be made with the companion app:

  • usb-modus
  • withdrawal
  • wifi option
  • on off
  • wlan-timeout
  • VAG Crash-Fix
  • change dpi
  • tap-limit
  • media sync
  • tts-sync
  • automatic video focus
  • dongle mode
  • developer mode
  • reset to factory settings
  • firmware update
  • paired smartphone
  • help and support

Conclusion on the AA Wireless Android Auto Adapter

For us, the AA Wireless Adapter is currently the best adapter for wirelessly connecting your smartphone to the vehicle’s display. There are a few other manufacturers that offer similar hardware, but this adapter works best and most reliably. This adapter actually started as an Indiegogo campaign and in the meantime it has gathered so many fans that it has now set up its shop.

At the time of this article, the delivery time is seven days due to high demand. We are particularly impressed by the small dimensions, quick installation and quick response as long as the adapter is not connected to the smartphone. It is often enough to enter the vehicle and the adapter is already connected as soon as you start the engine. We can recommend this adapter to anyone who bothers to connect their smartphone to the vehicle with a cable every time. The smartphone can live in your pocket or in a tray and you still have the full range of Android Auto functions.

price and availability

The AA Wireless Adapter is available for a price of €83.00 per piece at the time of this article. There is currently a separate website for selling adapters. However, customers in Germany are currently being redirected to the Indiegogo website. However, this is not a problem, as you can also order the adapter here without any problems. Simply create a free account on Indiegogo and order the adapter.

When we ordered the adapter, it was delivered within a week. Since the developer of this adapter is based in the Netherlands, the package is not far from Germany.

Unless the shop can be accessed in Germany, you currently need to go through the Indiegogo website. The order itself is as fast as you know it from the usual online shops. If the adapter finds its way into Amazon or other stores, we’ll definitely be adding articles at this point.

Ordering aWireless on Indiegogo

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