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8 Cheap & Affordable AirTag Alternatives

Apple AirTags have become lifesavers of late, with many people reporting using them to locate their lost luggage at airports while traveling. The trackers, which use ultra-wideband versus Bluetooth like most others, are a great way to keep tabs on valuable items, from luggage to a purse, wallet, gym bag, headphones, car keys, and more.

With that said, Apple is a relatively new company to the business, and while the AirTags are great, and pretty affordable (though users will also need to buy an accessory of some kind for attaching it to something), there are other options worth considering. as well. These are particularly fitting for those who don’t own an iPhone, though they all work with an iPhone app, too.


Tile Pro

Tile Pro held in hand on a ring.

One of the first and most popular brands of Bluetooth trackers is Tile, and its top-line model is the Tile Pro. In comparing the Tile Pro to the AirTag, the Tile Pro comes in a number of colors and employs a rectangular shape with keyring to nicely hang on keys. It works with the Tile app for locating whatever item it’s attached to, both within range using Bluetooth and out of range using the crowdsourced Tile community.

The Tile Pro has the longest range of all Tile devices at up to 400 feet, though this is still only half that of the AirTag. It is also the loudest when using the phone to ring it when it’s in range. The tracker comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for up to a year. It’s water-resistant, works with both Android and Apple devices, and even supports voice-assisted finding using Alexa, Google, or Siri.

Tile Slim

Tile Slim in a wallet, held in hand.

Perfect for placing in a wallet or side pocket of a bag or luggage, the Tile Slim is, as the name implies, slim in design. Resembling a credit card, it isn’t quite as powerful as the Pro with just a 250-foot range, but its battery will last for up to three years. However, the battery is non-replaceable, which means users would have to opt for Tile’s battery replacement program.

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Water-resistant and with the same phone compatibility and voice assistance options, it’s the best choice for slotting into a wallet. This one is perfect for the person who often forgets their wallet on the table or in the pocket of the jeans they threw in the hamper.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag inside luggage.

Samsung has its own Bluetooth trackers to compete with the Apple AirTag, and one of the most affordable options is the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. The only issue here, however, is that it is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. For those who own one, however, this alternative might be the best one.

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Like the others, it is powered by Bluetooth and can easily attach to keys, backpacks, purses, and more using the keyhole. It works with the app to ring to find a lost item or connects to the Galaxy Find Network for finding it offline. The SmartTag can even be used to control compatible smart devices in the home, turning lights on and off, which is a nice added benefit.

Tile Stickers

Tile Sticker on the side of a scooter, wet in the rain.

Another option from Tile, the Tile Sticker is unique in that it is the one that most closely resembles the AirTag but it has a cool feature: an adhesive back to stick to the underside of a skateboard or bicycle seat for an unobtrusive way to keep track of larger items. And there are certainly many items worth keeping tabs on with a Bluetooth tracker.

With an up to 250-foot range, water-resistant design, and voice assistance, it also has a three-year non-replaceable battery. But in ensuring it’s always powered up, one of these could be the difference between saying goodbye to that stolen bike and actually tracking down where it went.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate clipped to a stuffed bear.

Yes, Tile warrants yet another shoutout with the Tile Mate, the super-affordable option among the pack that has an up to 250-foot range, up to three-year non-replaceable battery, water-resistant design, and voice-assisted finding .

Like the Tile Pro, it has a built-in hole for securing it directly to a set of keys, but it’s square in shape versus rectangular. It’s smaller than the Pro but a bit larger than the AirTag, making it a nice middle-of-the-road option for someone looking for something other than the AirTag.

Chipolo One

A woman holding the Chipolo One in hand, smiling.

The Chipolo One looks almost identical to the Apple AirTag with its small, round shape, except it has a tiny hole for securing it to a key ring. Like the others, it uses an app where users can keep track of the item’s location, and it offers a 200-foot range.

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Like with AirTags, set it to receive an alert if the item goes out of range. If it does, the device leverages the Chipolo community to help locate it. The Chipolo One has an easily replaceable battery that lasts up to two years and is water-resistant. As a bonus, it can even be used a remote shutter to trigger a phone’s camera and has different ringtones from which to choose. It also works with voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Devices like the Chipolo One could be among the best electronics users can buy.

Orbitkey X Chipolo Tracker

Leveraging Chipolo technology and the company’s community of users, the Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker is another option that’s a bit more expensive than the others, but that’s because it’s designed to work with other unique Orbitkey products.

Namely, this includes the Orbitkey Key Organiser, which is designed to house keys in a Swiss Army knife fashion. Pop the Orbitkey tracker in there as well and it will keep track of the location of the pocket knife-looking contraption. Like the Chipolo One, the button on the device can trigger a phone’s camera. For tracking purposes, it has a shorter range of up to 150 feet and a replaceable battery that only lasts up to six months, but it’s simple and cheap to replace by grabbing one from any hardware store. In terms of design, for those who opt for the Orbitkey Key Organizer as well, it’s a seamless fit that’s worth the extra bucks to keep things neat and tidy without having bulky, jangling keys on a ring.

Huawei Tags

Huawei Tag in a tan case, clipped to a bag.

In looking at how the Huawei Tag and Apple AirTag differ, the price is the first big difference: the Huawei Tag is much, much cheaper. It’s most inexpensive option on the list, in fact. It has a pop-up that will advise if an item is left behind and is supported by Huawei’s own “find” network.

It’s rated for water resistance and has a battery that lasts for a year. Like the AirTag, the Huawei Tag is a tiny little device that requires the purchase of a separate keychain or another accessory if users want to affix it to anything, like a set of keys or bag zipper. With that said, the Huawei tag is only available in China for now.

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