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4 expert lipstick tips you need to follow in your 40s.

Question: Do you know what the most aging part of our faces is? Go on, take a guess!

No, not the eyes. Not the forehead, either.

Surprising, right?

While the upper section of the face tends to get a whole load of attention, the aging process is actually most apparent in the lower part of our faces. Meaning? We cop it all around the lips and the lower third of our face.

And while it’s a normal thing that happens to (literally) all of us, it can make lipstick very tricky.

Your lips are thinner. They might be drier, with more lines getting around, and way more room for error.

The good news? There are some really easy tweaks you can make.

In part three of this series, Mia Freedman sits down with renowned makeup artist Rae Morris for a masterclass in makeup for mature skin.

Exclusive to Mamamia subscribers, Rae teaches us how to perfect your lipstick application (plus, what to avoid), along with a few sneaky tips on why you shouldn’t use a face powder.

So, grab your favorite lip color and let’s get into it.

1. Assess your lips.

As we get older, our mouths tend to droop down at the corners – and more often than not, this means that wearing lipstick can age our faces even more.

While this is a completely natural part of aging, if it’s something that’s bothering you, there are some small changes you can make – starting with the placement of your lip product.

Rae suggests stepping in front of a mirror and having a proper look at your lips, and figuring out what you want to highlight with lipstick – as well as what you want to leave out.

As she tells Mia, “You want to keep your lips closed when you’re looking into the mirror to assess your lips.”

“Now, most of us, when we close, have these creases that continue out past your lip.”

The golden rule is to keep your lipstick away from these outer creases – because this will only drag the corner of your mouth down.

If you want to give yourself a guide, Rae suggests simply using your pinkie fingers to cover the outer corners of your lips.

Image: Mamamia

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