2.5m Brits watch Neighbors finale – Michmutters

2.5m Brits watch Neighbors finale

Over 2.5 million Brits tuned in for the one hour neighbors finale on Channel 5.

According to Digital Spy, it became the show’s highest rated episode since 2008 and its third highest rated episode ever on Channel 5.

On social media there was an outpouring of emotion, especially from those who grew up with the show and linked it to pivotal moments in their own lives.

It’s a Sin and returning Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies said β€œBrilliant finale. Beautifully done. Funny and kind and sorry for Izzy! And Plain Jane Superbrain becoming more beautiful by putting her glasses ON is absolute scriptwriting genius. So many great actors, I’d kill to work with Jackie Woodburne! We measure our lives by these shows, and that’s a wonderful thing.”

Travelers on the London Underground were even greeted by a poem from staff to neighbors.

Tourism Australia also ran a special ‘Visit Australia’ advertisement produced by Fremantle and CHEP Network.

The end line, ‘Say g’day to Australia’, appears in the same font as the show’s logo.

”For four decades, a little touch of the Australian lifestyle has been appearing in everyone’s living room every day,” Sally Cope, Tourism Australia’s regional general manager for the UK and Northern Europe told The Drum.

the neighbors finale doesn’t air in Ireland until Wednesday.

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